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Dienstag, 18 September 2018
AA100 System Configuration Programmable Alarm Annunciator Print E-mail
The AA100 Annunciator is a modular design allowing customers to quickly design an alarm system to suit their exact requirements for both window size and number of windows. The system is built up of multiple cells; each cell has dimensions of 60 x 60mm and can be configured as a single large window (60 x 60mm), two medium windows (60 x 30mm) or four small windows (30 x 30mm).

The units are built up from pre-tested components so custom solutions can be provided with the fastest possible response time.

The overall limits for the annunciator are as follows:

Large window (60 x 60mm) 99 windows

Medium window (60 x 30mm) 198 windows

Small window (30 x 30mm) 256 windows

These can be configured into almost any shape and size as long as the overall width or height is no greater than 30 cells.

The numbering scheme adopted are shown below. To avoid any confusion when providing text or configuration details please refer to these numbering schemes.

                Large                Medium               Small



The dimensions are very simple to work out, using the following formula which is the same for width and height.

Overall width = [(Number of cells wide) x 60] + 24mm

Cutout width = [(Number of cells wide) x 60] + 14mm

Overall height = [(Number of cells high) x 60] + 24mm

Cutout height = [(Number of cells high) x 60] + 14mm