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Dienstag, 18 September 2018
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Fault Recorder - Trasient Recorder

Fault Recorder

Transient Recorder

 Fault Analysis


Weis is a specialist company with over 40 years of experience in the commissioning, testing & maintenance of switchgear and power network fault monitoring within the Power Utility Industry.

The Fault Recorder (FR100) is an essential substation preventative maintenance tool and aid for power utilities with ever increasing demands for more reliable low cost energy and on-time maintenance.
The high speed, high resolution recording and flexible triggering modes make the Weis Fault Recorder ideal for capturing power network faults / disturbances. It can be used for verifying protection / breaker operation as well as monitoring power quality.
The FR100 is typically part of an integrated monitoring network with multiple FR’s located within substations over a region, and a Windows™ based Master Evaluation Station normally located at the regional control centre running Weis Communication, Configuration and Analysis software. Communications between the Master Evaluation Station and the FR’s is normally by plug-in data modems using the local telephone exchange, but other networks can be supported.

An optional built in screen and external keyboard with trackball may be provided for local configuration and analysis.

Weis GmbH Fault Recorder
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