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Dienstag, 18 September 2018
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FR100 Optional Items Fault Recorder - Fault Analysis Print E-mail
Resistive Current Shunts

The Resistive Current Shunt is designed for permanent applications as a interface from the CT secondary wiring to a Weis FR100 series Fault Recorder.

FR 100 Resistive Current ShuntsThe shunts compact design makes it ideal for mounting within fault recorder panels. It also offers an excellent level of overload withstand at 150A continuous and 300A pulsed.

Being resistive rather than inductive, greater levels of accuracy in terms of phase angle and magnitude are possible, particularly in applications where Distance to Fault calculations are to be made.

Ranges: 1.0A up to 12.5A nominal.

FR 100 Internal Hardware
FR100 Internal Hardware

  • Modem card.
  • Network card.
  • IRIG-B time decoder.
  • DCF77 real time clock card.
  • GPS real time clock card.

Transportation Case FR 100 Tranportation Case

Robust purpose made transportation
cases are available for the FR100
Fault Recorder.


FR 100 Panels
Wide range of enclosures.