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Dienstag, 18 September 2018
SA100 Optional Items Switchgear Analyser Breaker Testing Print E-mail

SA112 Expansion Unit
The SA112 extends the digital input capacity of a SA100 Switchgear Analyser for timing circuit breakers with up to 12 breaks per phase included Frame R breakers. 


  • Most compact system

  • Serial link and 2-wire cross-trigger cable from up to 2 SA112's to an SA100 Switchgear Analyser

  • Timing of circuit breakers with up to 12 main and 12 resistive breaks per phase included Frame R types

Dynamic Timing with Both Ends Connected to Earth
Dynamic Timing is performed with a constant current passed through the breakers contacts with both ends connected to earth, providing the most accurate timing test on modern circuit breakers.
This method of timing is possible on a SA100 Switchgear Analyser, however an optional Dynamic Timing Cable Set is required.

Dynamic Micro-Ohm Testing
Dynamic Micro-Ohm Testing of circuit breakers is an advanced technique that provides more detailed information about its condition.
Performing this type of test requires the combined use of the SA100 Switchgear Analyser with a DC source like Weis Micro-Ohm Meter model MM100, MM200, MM600 or MM900.

1st Trip & Profiling
Weis has done 1st trip on-line profiling since 1993 starting with the XBT100 and it can also be performed on any SA100 series of Breaker Tester.

A Printer housed within the casa is avaiable on request.

Keyboard / Mouse
An external PS2 keyboard with built-in touchpad is available on request. USB Keyboards are also available. 

Cable Sets
A range of standard cable sets & special made cable sets are available on request. 

A full range of transducers and universal mounting arms are available on request. 

Transportation Cases
Robust purpose made transportation cases are available for the complete range of products and optional items.
The case for the SA100 Switchgear Analyser has the added feature rear wheels and the possibility to attach a cable case on top.