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Dienstag, 18 September 2018
SM100 Data Management On-Line Switchgear Condition Monitoring Print E-mail
SM 100 online monitoringSwitchgear Management System software is an essential Windows database program for the gathering of information on the network for switchgear performance monitoring and maintenance scheduling.
Possible Features:-

  • Automatic analysis / classification of breaker operation records
  • Checks protection operation timing
  • Simple network overview
  • Exports measurement to ‘Voltage Dips’ and ‘Breaker Performance’ databases
  • Graphical display of captured waveforms
  • Graphical display of trend recording data

The Switchgear Management System runs on a standard IBM compatible PC and would normally be set to auto-poll and / or autocall modes for data gathering.

A graphing function which allows the user to view breaker operation signatures and trend recording data.

SM 100 online monitoring Display

This system is the first step towards ‘on-time maintenance’ that should be supported with Off-Line dynamic micro-ohm testing / timing, to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience. With this in mind, raw sample data is stored for future reference to allow recalculation based on alternative parameters.

The system also includes a configuration program that allow local or remote modification of SM100 units direct or via a Local Processing Unit.

Dependant upon measured signals at the SM100 units, the following resultant information can be gathered :-

  • Switchgear Performance
  • Contact Condition
  • Voltage Dips
  • Power Quality / Trend

Digital Signal Processing techniques are used to compare coil current pulses and travel curves (optional) with reference waveforms.