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Dienstag, 18 September 2018
SM100 On-Line Switchgear Condition Monitoring Print E-mail

SM 100 Online Monitoring

SM100 On-Line Switchgear

Condition Monitoring

The On-Line Switchgear Condition Monitoring System (SM100) is an essential substation preventative maintenance tool and aid for power utilities with ever increasing demands for more reliable low cost energy.
Possible on-line test results which can be computed per phase for each breaker operation include:

SM 100 Online MonitoringFeature Extraction

  • Peak Coil Current
  • Coil Current Pulse Length
  • Mechanism Time
  • Arc Duration Time
  • Pre Latch Period
  • Latch Transition
  • Trip Latch Release

Coil Current Fingerprint Comparison / Grey Zone Checking

  •  Accumulated Contact Wear (InT)
  • Accumulated Contact Operation Count
  • Estimated Main Contact Operated Time
  • Mechanism Motion
  • Battery Voltage

The SM100 can optionally perform trend recording for:

  • Gas / Pressure Leakage
  • Heater Failure
  • Low Pressure
  • RMS Current per Phase
  • RMS Voltage per Phase
  • Battery Voltage

In addition the SM100 can optionally perform a Off-Line timing test on the main contacts. 

This system is the first step towards ‘on-time maintenance’ that should be supported with Off-Line dynamic micro-ohm testing / timing, to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience.


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