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Dienstag, 18 September 2018
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Analogue Accuracy: Digital:

Resistive Contact Range:


Coil Operation: Coil Peak Current:

Coil Max. Voltage:


Resolution: Synchronisation: Start trigger:

1 x Independently controlled trip (open) and close coil current inputs.
1 x Linear / rotary resistive travel transducer input, will calculate all 3 phases.
3 x User configurable 0 - 10V DC or 0 - 200mV DC inputs, selected via input sockets.
<0.5% of fullscale.
10 x Contact status inputs providing timing of up to 6 main contacts and 4 resistive contacts (‘dry’ contacts). Note: 2 contact status inputs are user configurable for ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ contact timing (24 - 250V DC or 0V DC). 15 - 10,000 ohms.
Digital Resolution: 100μSec. Connectors: 4mm safety socket.

Solid state outputs for trip (open) and close.
5A (accuracy 2.5mA) or 30A (accuracy 15mA) AC/DC measurement ranges selectable via input sockets. Other measurement ranges possible via optional external shunt; for example 50A Peak (up to 75mS duration) or 100A Peak (up to 50mS duration).
400V peak.

12 bit A/D (1:4096) & 10kHz/20kHz/30kHz selectable sampling rate.
All inputs sampled simultaneously.
Recording Time: Selectable up to 100 seconds. Coil current or selectable on any analogue / digital input. 1st Trip: 1st trigger selectable on any channel.


12.1” TFT SVGA (800x600) “High-Bright Sunlight Readable” colour display (600cd).
SATA hard disk drive. VGA port for external screen. RS232 serial, parallel printer, RJ45 network and 3 x USB ports. 1GB RAM. WindowsTM Operating System. All standard Windows Centronics or USB printers supported.
Safety keyswitch to enable/disable coil operation.


Range: Time, date, leap year and day of the year with internal battery backup. 100mS resolution.


User strings:
Test times:
Coil operate times:

Channels: Datum points:

Site name, breaker number, breaker type, line name, operator name and up to 30 user configurable.
Close, Open, Trip Free, Close-Open, Open Close, Open-Close-Open.
Initial delay, trip coil “on-time”, close coil “on-time”, delay time between closing and opening, delay time between opening and closing.
Analogue - Input name, fullscale value, units. Digital - Input name.
2 sets of velocity calculation points on travel (speed) curve.


Up to a sequence of 3 operations detailing 3-phase information:

Peak coil current, operate times and operate time spread (main/resistive), on time, dead time, datum velocity, velocity at contact touch, acceleration, stroke, contact length (main/resistive), contact separation, spring compression on vacuum contacts, travel overshoot, bounce time and rebound