WEIS GMBH & CO. KG is a specialist company with over 40 years of experience in the commissioning, testing & maintenance of switchgear and power network fault monitoring within the Power Utility Industry.

With its ‘hands on’ approach working on-site with end users, WEIS GMBH & CO. KG has repeatedly taken the lead in pioneering new methods of testing switchgear, for example …

1988 – Developed Dynamic MOVING CONTACT µΩ Resistance Measurement and presented new test technique to a major switchgear manufacturer which was immediately adopted to solve an inherent testing issue on certain circuit breaker designs with graphite arcing contacts.

1989 – Developed Dynamic CIRCUIT BREAKER Timing Measurement with Dual Grounds which was also adopted by the same major switchgear manufacturer.

1995 – Developed Dynamic Resistance Measurement with Dual Grounds.

1995 – Pioneered building Dynamic Timing Measurement with Dual Grounds for up to 4 contacts within a Circuit Breaker Timing Test Set.

2000 – Developed SA100 renaming the traditionally identified Circuit Breaker Timing Test Set, “Switchgear Analyser“, offering built-in Dynamic Timing Measurement with Dual Grounds for up to 6 contacts, 2 breaks per phase, with the highest currently available internally generated measurement signal source.

Some of the applications covered by our range of test and monitoring equipment include:

  • Circuit Breaker Timing up to 12 main & 12 resistive breaks per phase
  • Dynamic ‘Circuit Breaker’ Timing Measurement with Dual Grounds for up to 2 breaks per phase
  • Dynamic ‘Moving Contact µΩ’ Resistance Measurement with Dual Grounds
  • Static Micro-Ohm Measurement
  • Variable Power Supply
  • 1st Trip Testing
  • On-Line Switchgear Monitoring
  • Circuit Breaker Factory Testing


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