Power Supply    Variable AC / DC

The PS100 Power Supply is a variable power source, mainly for Switchgear Testing and is an instrument intended for use in Power Station, Substation & industrial environments.

As Station Batteries should not be used or interfered with, the PS100 provides an ideal alternative power source for testing the breaker, as well as for minimum operating voltage testing of breaker coils, as laid out in international rules and regulations.

Also available within our range of switchgear test equipment:

  • SA100, Switchgear Analyser
  • SA100R, Switchgear Analyser
  • SA100RS, Breaker Analyser
  • SA100s, Breaker Timing Test Set
  • MM100, Micro-ohm Meter
  • RT100, Secondary Injection Relay Test Set
  • SA200, Automated Factory Test System

Download “PS100”

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