WEIS GMBH & CO. KG is a specialist company with over 40 years of experience in the commissioning, testing & maintenance of switchgear and power network fault monitoring within the Power Utility Industry.

With its ‘hands on’ approach working on-site with end users, WEIS GMBH & CO. KG has repeatedly taken the lead in pioneering new methods of testing switchgear, for example …

1988 – Developed Dynamic MOVING CONTACT µΩ Resistance Measurement and presented new test technique to a major switchgear manufacturer which was immediately adopted to solve an inherent testing issue on certain circuit breaker designs with graphite arcing contacts.

1989 – Developed Dynamic CIRCUIT BREAKER Timing Measurement with Dual Grounds which was also adopted by the same major switchgear manufacturer.

1995 – Developed Dynamic Resistance Measurement with Dual Grounds.

1995 – Pioneered building Dynamic Timing Measurement with Dual Grounds for up to 4 contacts within a Circuit Breaker Timing Test Set.

2000 – Developed SA100 renaming the traditionally identified Circuit Breaker Timing Test Set, “Switchgear Analyser“, offering built-in Dynamic Timing Measurement with Dual Grounds for up to 6 contacts, 2 breaks per phase, with the highest currently available internally generated measurement signal source.

2001 – Developed self powered MM100 micro-ohm meter featuring a regulated 100A continuous or pulsed output for regular resistance measurement. Alternatively a high current pulsed output, 1200A maximum at 4V, for static measurements or dynamic profiling when cross-triggered operation with SA100 series for Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement with Dual Ground testing on circuit breakers. Additional MM600 & MM900 models also developed.

2005 – PS100 variable AC/DC power supply introduced. Additional PS300 model with a very stable / low ripple 0 to 130Vdc output combined with a fast responding high current up to 23A specially designed for minimum operating voltage testing of breaker coils also released.

Some of the applications covered by our range of test and monitoring equipment include:

  • Circuit Breaker Timing up to 12 main & 12 resistive breaks per phase
  • Dynamic ‘Circuit Breaker’ Timing Measurement with Dual Grounds for up to 2 breaks per phase
  • Dynamic ‘Moving Contact µΩ’ Resistance Measurement with Dual Grounds
  • Static Micro-Ohm Measurement
  • Variable Power Supply
  • 1st Trip Testing
  • On-Line Switchgear Monitoring
  • Circuit Breaker Factory Testing


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