SS 100 – Switchgear Simulator

Switchgear Simulator – Breaker Testing

In response to demands for safer and more convenient methods of training & demonstrating circuit breaker testing, Weis has developed the SS100 portable Switchgear Simulator.  It is used to simulate the basic functions of a power breaker with operate coils, timing contacts and motion sensor.

When used in conjunction with the Weis SA100, SA100R, SA100RS or SA100S switchgear analyser / breaker tester, a variety of things can be performed including coil operation, current measurement, main contact timing, resistive contact timing, travel and velocity measurements, trip free testing, dynamic timing with both ends earthed, parallel contact switching resistor measurement.

Simulation of contact timing is made with 3 Main and 3 Resistive breaks (1 main / resistive break per phase).

Breaker motion / travel simulation is provided using a slide-wire transducer.

One set of trip and close coils with protection are simulated.

Download “SS100”

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