SA 200

Switchgear Analyser – Breaker Testing

Based on its pioneering of analogue timing techniques developed over more than 20 years ago, Weis developed a robust portable switchgear test set the SA100. With a proven track record of supplying portable test equipment, Weis has applied its expertise to develop the SA200, a Factory Test System for production / final test, development and research use.

The SA200 Switchgear Analyser Test System is an important piece of test equipment for switchgear manufacturers with ever increasing demands for lower cost, higher performance circuit breakers.

Possible test results which can be computed per phase for each breaker operation include:

  • Peak Coil Current
  • Current Pulse Length
  • Operate Times (Main / Resistive)
  • Operate Time Spread (Main / Resistive)
  • On Time
  • Dead Time
  • Datum Velocity
  • Velocity at Contact Touch
  • Stroke
  • Contact Length (Main / Resistive)
  • Contact Separation
  • Spring Compression on Vacuum Contacts
  • Travel Overshoot
  • Rebound
  • Bounce Time
  • Mechanism Times (Pre Latch / Latch Period)
  • Acceleration
  • Fingerprint Comparison on all channels (Grey Zone Checking)

In addition, Dynamic Timing of up to 2 breaks per phase is made available with 6 x 20A constant current

Download “SA200”

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