SA100 Series

Switchgear Analyser – Breaker Testing

The Switchgear Analyser (SA100) is an essential substation preventative maintenance tool and aid for power utilities with ever increasing demands for more reliable low cost energy and on-time maintenance

Possible test results which can be computed per phase for each breaker operation include:

  • Peak Coil Current
  • Current Pulse Length
  • Operate Times (Main / Resistive)
  • Operate Time Spread (Main / Resistive)
  • On Time
  • Dead Time
  • Datum Velocity
  • Velocity at Contact Touch
  • Stroke
  • Contact Length (Main / Resistive)
  • Contact Separation
  • Travel Overshoot
  • Rebound
  • Bounce Time
  • Mechanism Times (Pre Latch / Latch Period)
  • Acceleration
  • Fingerprint Comparison on all channels (Grey Zone Checking)
  • Battery Voltage

Dynamic Timing of up to 2 breaks per phase with optional inbuilt MM300 providing 6 x 50A constant current outputs.

Inbuilt option for Static or Dynamic Micro-Ohm Testing in 50A steps, 100A, 200A or 300A pure constant DC current.

1st Trip Profile Capture and Measurement using On-Line Test Method.
On-Line Measurements: 1st Trip, Coil Current, Contact Timing from CT Secondary’s, Control Voltage, Auxiliary Contact Timing, Travel/Motion, Motor Currents

Timing of up to 12 main and 12 resistive contacts per phase when combined with the SA112 expansion unit.

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